• Locomotion scoring is an effective way of identifying clinical lameness. Karl Burgi

  • After implementing FUNCTIONAL HOOF TRIMMING METHODS, lameness rates dropped 50% within one year. NADA Dairy, Karl Burgi 2006

  • Dairy herds housed on sand versus mattresses experienced 42% lower lameness. Cook 2003, Cook et.al., 2004, Espejo et.al., 2006

  • Feet and leg scores improved 2-4 points in herds where FUNCTIONAL HOOF TRIMMING was performed on springing heifers.
    Moxey Farms, Leppington Pastoral Company, 2008

  • Consistency in mixing and feeding is the key to sound foot health.
    Jim Barmore, GPS Dairy Consulting

  • The average cost of lameness is $404 per incidence.
    Chuck Guard, 2006